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Name Pinsk College
Short name Pinsk College of Brest State University named after A.S.Pushkin
Full name

Pinsk College of the educational establishment “Brest State University named after A.S.Pushkin”

Legal address

Republic of Belarus, Pinsk, 225710, Centralnaya Street, 5

Settlement account

3632900001300 OAO "ASC Belarusbank" (OJSC), Branch №121 MFO (Bank branch location code), Pinsk, code 150501854

UNP (TIN) code 201006979
Код ОКПО 021480141002
Phone number 8 (0165) 61-37-02
Fax 8 (0165) 61-37-02; 61-16-73
Email pk-brsu@edu.by
Web-site http://pinskcol.brsu.by

Information about Brest State University, the superior organization

Legal address 21, Kosmonavtov Boulevard, 224016 Brest, the Republic of Belarus
Phone number (375-162) 23-33-40
Fax (375-162) 23-09-96
Email box@brsu.brest.by
Web-site http://brsu.by

The subject of activity of college is an educational work.

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The main goals of the college:

  • redress of the needs of the individual in intellectual, cultural, physical and moral development by specialized secondary education
  • redress of  the needs of the individual and the state in qualified specialists with specialized secondary education
  • getting new scientific knowledge, the development of humanistic traditions of education and culture of Belarusian people and world community

The main goals achieved by the main objectives:

  • to train specialists with specialized secondary education
  • education of students, aimed at the formation of Belarusian state, patriotism, respect for national traditions and rights of the individual
  • to maintain the economic, industrial and business activities for the educational process and social-economical development of college

Material-technical base:

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There are 30 studies at college and laboratories, a methodic study, a library, a stadium, an assembly hall, a gym, some exercise books. All the studies are well-equipped according to the list of equipment that is necessary for secondary specialized education.

A medical study also works at college. A medical assistant and the doctors of  the polyclinic № on Pervomayskaya street, 193 and Pinsk Central Polyclinic on Irkutsk-Pinsk Division 48 can help students.   

There is a dining – room for 96 seats and a lunchroom. They work from 9:00 to 16:00 every day except Sunday. The hostel is situated in a typical 5-storey building. The hostel is available for all students. There is a lunchroom at the hostel too.


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Директор колледжа
Раб.тел. 80165 61-75-00
Кабинет № 205

Борчук Светлана Андреевна

Заместитель директора по учебной работе
Раб.тел. 80165 63-19-72
Кабинет № 204


Заместитель директора по воспитательной работе
Раб.тел. 80165 63-19-76
Кабинет № 216

Плотникова Лариса Ивановна

Заместитель директора по хозяйственной работе
Раб.тел. 80165 30-06-85
Кабинет № 315

Кондратюк Татьяна Петровна

Руководитель практики
Раб.тел. 33-18-78
Кабинет № 214

Федорович Тамара Павловна

Заведующий отделением № 1
Раб.тел. 80165 63-57-14
Кабинет № 321

Конечная Галина Сергеевна

Заведующий отделением № 2
Раб.тел.80165  63-57-14
Кабинет № 321

Жанна Георгиевна

Главный бухгалтер
Раб.тел.80165 61-16-73
Кабинет № 112



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В колледже работают 77 преподавателя, из них:

  • кандидат географических наук  - 1 (Корженевич Станислав Васильевич),
  • имеют высшее образование - 77,
  • имеют высшую квалификационную категорию - 51,
  • имеют первую квалификационную категорию - 12,
  • имеют вторую квалификационную категорию - 14,
  • без категории - 3,
  • магистров педагогических наук - 23,
  • учатся в аспирантуре - 1,
  • закончили аспирантуру - 1,
  • отличники образования РБ - 1  (Мельник Светлана Владимировна).

Образовательный процесс помогают обеспечивать:

  • библиотекарь – 2 человека,
  • лаборант – 8 человек,
  • воспитатель – 3 человека,
  • секретарь учебной части – 1 человек.

From Pinsk Teachers' Institute to the Pinsk College.

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"Brest State University named after A.S Pushkin" - one of the oldest educational establishments in Belarus, the flagship of teacher education in the Brest. After the reunification of the western Belarusian lands with the Soviet Belarus the question of the lack of teaching staff appeared. As is known, during the reign of the Polish, special attention in education was not paid to the ordinary people. Only more or less rich children of peasants study in the primary school, but that From Pinsk to the Teachers' Institute College of Pinsk. In the primary classes of Polish school children were taught only more or less well-off peasants, and such was a very small percentage. The Bolsheviks understood the role and importance of primary school in the process of building a new society, in education of younger generation. The problem of preparation of new teaching staff was solved quickly. Already in 1940 preparations for the establishment of Institute of Teachers had started, and it became the founder of our specialized school. Thousands of young people graduated from our college, where they received the profession of a pedagogical profile, and a ticket to a future life. Hundreds, even thousands of graduates of Pinsk Pedagogical College work in schools and kindergartens all over the Republic of Belarus. A great number of our graduates connected their life with pedagogical science, made an academic career, many of them work in the national economy, some have found a use in educational work abroad. As a rule, the vast majority of our graduates continue their education in higher educational establishments of the Republic of Belarus and abroad. It speaks about a very high quality of professional and comprehensive training at college. The graduates of the College of Pinsk have such qualities as professionalism and creative approach to work, strong modern theoretical knowledge, solid skills in teaching children, high civil and human qualities.

There is a merit of talented, dedicated, highly educated teachers, who have always been the backbone of the labor of our college team.There were a great number of remarkable bright teachers. We can mention Martyakova Anna Vasilievna, Wager Zinovy Markovic, Gureeva Nina Vasilievna,  Smirnova Marina Boleslavovna, Glebko Vladimir Fedorovich, Strelkova Elena Dmitrievna, Blagovidov Boris Alexandrovich, Yaremets Lyudmila Lvovna, Akramova Anna Yakovlevna, Gromyko Neonil Philipovich, Remizevich Anatoly Markovich, Turchina Margarita Pavlovna, Ivanova Marina Konstantinovna, Rakhimova Maria Mikhailovna, Kachan Kira Iosifovna, Podbello Galina Alexandrovna and many others. They all were marked with a high rank of "The Honored Teacher of the BSSR", or honorary title of "Excellence in Public Education." Some were awarded state awards. These teachers are the golden fund of our team, the glory and pride of the Belarusian education. Everyone who has ever studied at these remarkable teachers, remember them with warmth and love, a tribute of respect and gratitude for their titanic work on the training and education of young teachers. They are real pedagogical luminaries. This tradition is followed by our today’s teachers.

Pages of History

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February 14, 1940 – Preparatory courses starts in Pinsk Pedagogical College. There were 7 groups of 210 students. The first principal – Borisevich Vladimir Ivanovich. Later he was killed during the Great Patriotic War

1940 – 1941, September – June – The first year of education for the first – year students. On June 22, 1941 the Great Patriotic War started. The work of college had stopped for 4 years.

September 1, 1944 – Reestablishment of college and resumption of classes. The principal of college – Tolkachev Vladimir Vasilievich. From the 1st of October Kuntsevich Ivan Egorovich became the principal of the educational establishment

July, 1946 – Bukinich Pert Evtikhievich became the principal of the educational establishment

1949 – For the great success of teaching education at primary school and great social work of college’ teachers and in honour of 150th anniversary of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin the Supreme Council of the Prezidium of BSSR college was named after Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin

1950 – four-year education after the 8th form of secondary school started

1954 – new specialization “The primary teacher education” ,based on the secondary education, opened. New specialization “The senior young pioneer leader ”. The principal of college was Romanchuk Ivan Gerasimovich

1960 - turning-point in the history of secondary specialized pedagogical education. From 28 pedagogical specialized schools 26 were closed. Only Pinsk and Polotsk specialized schools were left. Students of senior courses finished their education in Pinsk. The question of closing the college appeared. Minister of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education visited Pinsk. The decision of conservation of Pinsk specialized school was made. New specialization “The governor of pre-school education establishment” was opened.

1963 – Gromov Andrey Ulianovich became the principal of the college

1976 – Ivantsov Stahiy Pavlovich  became the principal of the college

1980 – new educational building on Cetralnaya street was opened

1981 - For achievements in socialist competition for the organization of work and life among secondary specialized educational establishments the collective of Pinsk Pedagogical College named after  A.S Pushkin transition awarded the Red Banner of the USSR Ministry of Education.

1982. Transition of the Red Banner of the USSR handed to the Ministry of Education for the school team strong performance in the socialist competition on the 120th anniversary of Lenin's birth.

1986 – Khrushchelevskiy Felix Bronislavovich became the principal of the college, an honored teacher of the BSSR.

1990. In a festive atmosphere of a success in educational work the team of teachers and school students met the 50-year anniversary of the college. A large group of teachers and school employees awarded various awards - government, line ministries and the Republican trade union of teachers.

1992. a new specialty "Music education" was opened

1999. Trotsky Yuri Ivanovich became the principal of the college.

2000 College celebrates its 60th anniversary. In connection with the anniversary of the Ministry of Education and Republican trade unions gave a high positive assessment of labor and creativity as all the teaching staff as a whole and many of its employees personally.

2001. a new specialty "Social pedagogy (educational work at school)" was opened

June,2004. According to the resolution of the Council of Ministers the College was attached to the educational establishment «Brest State University named after A.S Pushkin." The new status of the educational establishment became known as the EE College of Pinsk "Brest State University named after AS Pushkin."

2005. Lyubov Petrovna Demchuk became the first woman principal of the college.

2007 Borchuk Svetlana Andreevna became the principal of the college